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everything was off beat and it wasn't even metal. I don't know what it was...


phoenix1001 responds:

thanks but i like it.i probly put in the genre.but ill try to make my songs better from know on.

George Dubya Is Not A Fascist George Dubya Is Not A Fascist

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This song is awesome!! I don't really care about politics or anything, but I just love this song and the voice overs and stuffs. I love the guitar in the background while phil rants after the chorus. I <3 eet.

lessthan3 responds:

Yeah, Katherine rules.

Super Mario (Metal) Super Mario (Metal)

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mmm mario

haha i love this. *downloads*

Denta responds:

Thanks for your support! :)

All j00r base working version All j00r base working version

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All my 9 slash 10's r belongs to this

omG I WAS ROOOOCKING MY HEAD THE WHOLE SOnG!!.....................................................

I liked it, nice for a first start, maybe some day you'll even get 2nd of the week :D

-Paranoia- -Paranoia-

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I loved that!! Nice rhythm thing goin there, that's awesome, I'm definatly DLing this!

RGH: Looming Abyss(Original) RGH: Looming Abyss(Original)

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Thats awesome! I just starting listening to your stuff today and I'm a big fan! I could listen to this all day..

RyeGuyHead responds:

ill ove you long time if you review double cross and score it

This Effect Is Cool This Effect Is Cool

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haha sweet

what a cool effect... <_<

lessthan3 responds:

Navadi navadie. Or however you spell that.

In Love With A Girl In Love With A Girl

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I was wondering the same thing

lessthan3 responds:

Wondering what? Why we're so awesome? That's easy, the key is...A major.

-Song About Nothing- -Song About Nothing-

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That song is awesome and hilarious. I was just wondering, how do you get the guitar to sound like it does in the beginning (well it's kinda like that throughout the song)? Cause the guitar sounds alot like Boulevard of Broken Dreams, and I've been playing for a little over a year and I've been wondering how u get it to sound like that. Anyways, awesome song again, you'll be big.

lessthan3 responds:

Tremolo, mah brotha! Tremolo. Also, fancy pedals. And probably some post production. I hope we don't get big. There won't be room in the van.

Where We Rock Where We Rock

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this song is SWEET!! did you make it and if so whats your band name?